Sacred Humans

I saw Fran Liebowitz speak live to a Toronto audience recently. Fran is New York author, actor, and public speaker who famously does not own a computer or smart phone. When asked her thoughts on a certain global event, she said she wouldn’t comment because she wanted everyone to feel safe and didn’t want to start a riot.

I’m not yet ready to give up my devices, although every day it’s more tempting. But I do plan to adopt Fran’s “Don’t want to start a riot” response for myself when it comes to political issues that provoke strong feelings in me but that I can’t personally change. It’s probably for the best to sidestep arguments about world events I can’t personally fix and channel my energy into something more concrete. Besides, all that anger out there just seems to feed the misguided egos of bully leaders who love doubling down on their opposition with a scornful, “Just watch me!”

Most people dedicate their lives to building, fixing, creating, improving, supporting, and all those other actions that humans are so good at. Quietly creating positive change from the inside out. We are sacred humans when we do this sacred work. Imagine a world where we all got on with doing our work and sideswiped the bully leaders.

Sacred Work

I’m told
I live in Dystopia
There’s no escape
It’s foolish to try to fight
The bad and dreadful things.

In the quiet moments I dream
That humans live together as one.
They honour the world around them.
They learn and love and care and grow.
They steward the land and its creatures.
They create beauty and harmony and ease.
They find magic solutions to vexing problems,
Even if the magic solution is to just help Nature be.

I start counting these Sacred Humans, they’re all around me,
Quietly holding the center, standing in place, tendrils tightly entwined.
I forget the bad and dreadful things. There’s too much sacred work to do.