About me

I’ve been a technical writer for a long time. I love making the complicated simple and direct, and hope to use that skill here to write about stuff I’m passionate about. It’s only by simplifying unnecessary complexity (and staying in wonder at the magical complexities of the natural world) that we will begin to fix things.

I am a young/young-at-heart Baby Boomer. My 50s were my best decade so far, because I learned to loosen up, let myself do crazy shit, and started the hard work to figure out who I really am. I no longer go out of my way to try to be like the others, unless it’s going to be fun. I’ve finally realized that our lives are more fulfilled when we take the road less traveled – the road that’s right for us, the road that’s our very own.

I spent far too much of my life enraged at (and numbed by) politics and the state of world. I try hard not to let it get me down any more. I still get worked up if I read the news, but I let the rage pass. We all need coping strategies to keep going, and it’s my goal here to share what I‘ve learned.  With the knowledge that what works for me may not work for you.

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