Most of my life has been a quest to heal myself. Now that I’m in my 60s, I’m quite a bit closer. I have to be!

My healing has been about coming into my own. Nothing majorly traumatic happened to me.  OK, being queer in a small town in the 70s, but every teenager has it rough. But generally I believe that the times we live in force us to bear witness to too much trauma. Anyone who is at all aware is going to hold existential angst just by tuning into the news.

I’ve finally learned to just let it all go and focus on what I can fix, starting with myself. When we heal ourselves, we have the strength to heal others.

Here are some of the big healing tools I’ve picked up …

Shamanism. I fell into Shamanism in 2012 in a very predestined way, as if it was all timed to happen that way. I’ve had my mind blown again and again by the amazing folks at The Institute for Shamanic Medicine. I am so grateful for the rich life I now have thanks to all that I’ve learned from them. Shamanism is all-encompassing medicine. It goes by the premise that healing is holistic, about fixing the imbalances, about plugging into the greater whole. I’ve taken so many wonderful classes and learned so many healing tools: energy healing, crystals, drum journeys, tarot, dousing, trauma coaching, death doulaing, medicine pipe, patience, etc. etc.

Reiki. I love feeling the energy around me. The energy of the people, the plants, the animals, the buildings, Mother Earth. This energy is way easier to plug into than the human ego mind.

Astrology. As a teenager, astrology books were the only tool I felt I had to try to figure myself out. I always come back to astrology as my shorthand to find themes and metaphors to help me understand what’s happening. I’ve had some insane transits the last couple of years, so am really tuned into astrology these days. And there’s so much material out there and so many talented people sharing their knowledge. It’s an astrology renaissance! Recently I discovered Human Design as another useful tool to understand how I’m wired.

Performance. In the Middle Ages, the shamans became the court jesters, so it makes sense  that I hit the stage after I started studying Shamanism. I studied lots of clown, then moved into burlesque. Performing is one of the most intense things you can do: you are completely vulnerable and you have to let go of your ego or you look dead on stage. Alas, the Covid times killed off my performances and then just when I was going to start up last summer, a broken collarbone stopped me again. To keep the dream alive, I post scantily-clad photos on a thirst-trap Instagram site. Keyword: LukeThighlocker 😉


I update this page often as I forge ahead! Last updated: February 1, 2024.