Here I Am

My first blog post. (Deep breath.) I’ve been thinking about blogging forever. I put up a technical writing blog site over 6 years ago, but bots brought it down. I had a full-time job and didn’t feel the need to start it up again, and then the world went big-time crazy and I wondered why I would ever want to put myself out there anyway. But the stakes seem higher now. It’s time I spoke up. It’s time we all spoke up.

This blog will not be focused on politics and grand opinions about how to save the world. That’s not to say I keep my head in the clouds. I have STRONG opinions on lots of things, and can fall into fits of despair at how insane it all is. I admire the warriors out there who are speaking up and trying to stop the insanity. Fight on!

For me, I find that dwelling on the negative and on anger draws me into pointless battles, keeps me preoccupied with insignificant arguments, works me up and wears me down. Then I need to check out, lick my wounds, get centered again, before I re-engage.

We all need to get centered again, and that’s what I want to focus on. We need techniques to heal our wounds quickly, so we can get back out there. And the biggest part of it is simply learning to be OK with ourselves. When we learn to be OK with ourselves, then we can work magic on others and on the world.

I’ve mapped out some survival strategies that have helped me, and will share them in future posts. I don’t claim to be an expert on how to sort out anyone’s life (even my own). But I have discovered that all of us (me too!) must speak out with confidence and listen to others with empathy. I hope some of it resonates with you.

We each have our own journey, and parts of that journey are lonely and hard, yet so rewarding if we stick to it. That’s why I take the road less travelled.